Personalising Your Own YBM Gift

Here are some things to consider when personalising your YourBestMark unique gifts. These can apply to any material but more specifically to the personalised wooden boards.

How do you make the gift talk?

Consider who the recipient is to you and what they would want for themselves.

What do you want to tell them about how you feel?

Perhaps you wish to express love, gratitude, camaraderie or friendship?

One of our clients has the tag line Live, Laugh and Love.


I recall a daughter who bought a chopping board for her mother although the mother didn’t cook. Instead the daughter saw the board as a work of art, something that might be hung on a wall or leant against a kitchen wall for all to see and admire. That was practical enough! So consider the practicality but also consider the recipient.

Too often gifts are put away in cupboards or drawers. Our personalised coasters could be perceived that way but they are there to be used, so put them out and leave them out! Who wants to see them on Antiques Roadshow (a BBC One TV show) in many years to come! Let them live in the moment.


We are quirky (sorry about that!)

One aspect we feel is missing from our engraving competitors is the funny! Make ‘em laugh (where appropriate!). If designing your own, we are sure there are funny taglines, which mean something to you and yours. Think about an old adage or saying – it may be one which may generate a groan, but resonates with all.

My own mother used to use the term ‘By rights’ when she was suggesting what should be done fairly; as a family, we used to collapse in fits of laughter for such a nonsensical phrase (you had to be there!). So add the funny and make them laugh.


Personalised gifts are full of emotion, and rightly so! We often comment about showing we care; really what we are saying is we love you. So take the time to see which designs speak to you and possibly the recipient. If you are designing your own, is there a flower, a bird, a tree, which has meaning? Hearts may depict love but so does a quote, a pastime, a person, a date or a place.

We’ll always have Paris!