The Emotional Connection

What does wood mean to you? Is it just another functional piece in your home or is there an emotional connection for you? Are your senses heightened when you hold a wooden item – what do you see, what do you smell and what do you experience?

In our childhood, we spent many happy days climbing trees to be on top of the world, whittling small branches into arrows to defend our fort, swinging as high as we could (without getting into trouble) and lying on the grass in the shade after playing tag or cricket! Who can forget sitting on a weathered, wooden bench while eating an ice-cream cone on a hot African Summer’s day!

As an adult, there is an intrinsic connection between wood and its uses in my home. It is something that brings our family together – the dining room table where we share a meal, the children’s beds where cuddles are given and being a true South African, what would a weekend be without the smell of meat cooking on the braai surrounded by laughter?

No matter what functionality wood provides in your life, pause for a moment and realise the incredible qualities that this natural material is able to supply and the genuine emotion it is able to invoke – framing a photo of a loved one, a carving from a holiday, providing shelter for your family or simply growing in your garden; wood is a multifaceted, natural element to which everyone is able to connect.

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