Why YBM?

Our Company Name Says It All

It’s not arrogant that we provide the best mark, we just do. Having the best machines and craftsmen doing the job is just the beginning – the synergy also provides the quality in the product. If you were to slice open our team, you’d find Quality and Service coursing through our veins (as well as blood and guts, but let’s not go there!).

Our aim is provide our customers with a quality gift that delights the recipient and the giver.

Our wooden items are hand crafted and engraved by artisans while the glass and metal are crafted by expert workmanship and specialised machinery.

The creative process makes the gift unique; it turns it into something the purchaser wants to give and does so with pride. That’s what makes it special and just how special is determined by the personalisation of the design and the name.

Understanding Engraving

Our role is to inform our customers about the material. Most understand metal and glass, but wood is different. Wood breathes, has informal densities and colours, all of which have a bearing on the engraving.

Engraving is not uniform like a print, it gives character and is able to make something truly unique. Also, what would look good as a print may not always translate to a board.

In this way we have to advise our customers that the look of an engraved wooden board will be different from the photos on our website as no two wooden boards are the same.

Once the customer appreciates that aspect, the relationship and excitement rise to another level. Let’s be brilliant; let’s be unique.